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Old Pueblo 100 ML

Old Pueblo 100 ML

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Old Pueblo is a spirit unique to the American Southwest. It is made from two-row barley malted and smoked over a velvet mesquite fire, mashed, fermented, copper pot distilled, and bottled on site.

On the nose, Old Pueblo offers notes of desert campfire and dried ancho chili. The palate is rounded with white chocolate and balanced minerality. With a spirit this unique and diverse, it can be enjoyed neat, or elevate any cocktail.

Mesquite Smoked - Aged 90 Proof - 45% ABV

Handcrafted in Tucson, AZ - Never Chill Filtered

Delivery & Storage Note: Our whiskey is not recommended for exposure to extreme heat (>90° F) for any extended period of time.

You must be 21 to buy and consume alcohol. Please enjoy our spirits responsibly.

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