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Whiskey Del Bac



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To be labeled as bottled-in-bond, a whiskey must originate from a single distillery, produced during a single season and aged for a minimum of four years in a federally bonded warehouse, and bottled at 100 Proof (50% ABV). The Whiskey Del Bac Classic Bottled-in-Bond American Single Malt Whiskey was distilled and laid down in new American White Oak casks in 2020 and aged for four years in the Sonoran Desert heat. It boasts the distinctive notes of stone fruit and caramel of its Del Bac Classic, with bolder notes of baking spice and toasted vanilla.

The 53-gallon barrels used in the Bottled-in-Bond were laid down by Whiskey Del Bac's previous Head Distiller Veronica Townsend and current Lead Distiller Dustin Cox back in 2020 as an experiment to see how the distillery's distinctive distillation and aging processes would work in larger-format barrels. 

"This wasn't just an experiment in how our new make aged in larger-format barrels," Cox said. "It was also an experiment with how it interacted with different cooperages as well. We're really excited to hear what people think." 

Limited Release of 500 bottles

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