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Whiskey Del Bac

Spring Distiller's Cut 2023

Spring Distiller's Cut 2023

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The Distiller’s Cut for Spring 2023 is an unsmoked base matured in New American White Oak, finished in Tawny Port barrels, then blended with mesquite smoked American single malt petites eaux from a used bourbon barrel. Tawny tends to have a nutty, oxidative character, and is often enjoyed as an aperitif, different from Port's usual role as an after-dinner drink. Matured for over two years, this is a perfect blend of unsmoked and mesquited single malts. This expression's ideation was created by Distiller Raymond Hammond and handcrafted by the entire distillery team.

Tasting Notes:
On the nose: You may find raisin, oak and leather
On the palate: We get sweet, maple-forward notes, moving into a long and velvety mid palate
On the finish: Fruity and light, without a hint of smoke
Our recommendation: served neat

103 Proof/51.5% ABV

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