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Whiskey Del Bac



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Normandie is an annual limited collection of Whiskey Del Bac Classic aged in new American White Oak, then finished in ex-Calvados barrels. Calvados typically boasts flavors of green apple and citrus with hints of cherry and freshly-cut flowers.

Normandie is named after the coastal region of Normandie, France. The region is known for its creamy cheeses, rich seafood, and an abundance of apples and pears to make its famous ciders and Calvados brandy. Calvados is an apple brandy which is only produced in Normandie. Normandie is the second addition to our newly launched Global Cask Collection.

On the nose: caramel-dipped apples, sour cherry, and dulce de leche.

On the palate: bright citrus up the front, with peppery notes across the mid palate. Finishes with short-but-sweet caramel and stone fruit.

97 Proof / 48.5% ABV
750 mL

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